Funkdoobiest The Troubleshooters

After a three year hiatus the Funkdoobieest crew were back with album number three. I remember checking out the video for Papi Chulo on BET Rap City in late 1997. Then some time in early 1998 I read an interview with DJ Ralph M in Urb Magazine, After that I was sold and I walked from my job all the way to the Specs record store to get me a copy of the album.

Would the album hold up as their 1993 debut Which Doobie U Be? & 1995s Brothers Doobie. Reading the credits I noticed that DJ Muggs or DJ Lethal weren’t involved in this album. The album was produced mostly in house by DJ Ralph M. Except for three songs by US DMC champion/Warren G’s DJ Rectangle, Ski who produced for Jay Z and Camp Lo, and Da Beatminerz.  The first single Papi Chulo was produced by DJ Rectangle and featured Daz of the Dogg Pound. Second single Natural Fun produced and featuring Ski and Gangstarr Foundation’s Krumbsnatcha. On The B side was Natural Fun produced also by Rectangle. Which samples Newclues Jam On It. And features West Coast Kam. The album also features Rakaa of Dialated Peoples fame and Tony Touch.

Even without the involvement of DJ Muggs who crafted their earlier sound. It holds up and helped group find their own sound. The only downside was when the album about it was the beginning of the jiggy/shinny suit era. Unfortunately not a lot of people were checking for the group anymore and only die hard fans such as myself only cared about them. I also feel a lack of label promotion hampered what should’ve been a successful album.  After this the group wouldn’t release a follow up. Until 2009’s The Golden B Boys. Sondoobie would release two solo album’s in between with Battle Axe records. Funk Super Hero and the following year 2004 Doobie Deluxe.



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